the exodus

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Anonymous: So what if the police are just scared? It's normal to be scared when faced with an angry group of people especially when there are gun shots and people trying to hurt you? That's not racist. That's fear. That's called being a freaking human.


So if the police are scared, it gives them the right to be violent? With no reason other than being scared? I don’t think that’s how law enforcement works. Scaring someone isn’t against the law.
Besides, it’s the protestors who are scared. They’re there, non-violently standing up to the death of an innocent man and they're getting sighted through sniper scopes. They’re getting tear gas fired at them and shot to shit by rubber bullets.
The police are igniting fear. I guarantee that, in Ferguson right now, there is NOTHING more frightening than a white police offer with a gun.
Fuck human nature. NONE of this is human nature. It’s the barbaric acting out of an inferiority complex. It’s the dismissal of a dead eighteen year old boy.
This is not a “chicken or the egg” scenario. The police reacted this way to NON-VIOLENT protest.